Our Mission

NewsletterArchive is building a digital library of email newsletters. We provide free access to researchers, designers, marketers, historians, scholars, and the general public.

We believe newsletters are a part of our digital history and should be preserved.

Who’s behind NewsletterArchive?

NewsletterArchive is an initiative of Francois Lane. Over a million of emails served as the foundation of the archive originated from his private collection.

NewsletterArchive receives ongoing support from CakeMail, which provides the necessary engineering and infrastructure resources to make this project a reality.

Contributing to the project

Donating your newsletter collection to NewsletterArchive is possible. Please send an email to contribute@newsletterarchive.org.

Advertising and sponsorship

Send an email to ads@newsletterarchive.org if you wish to support NewsletterArchive by advertising on it.

Removing a newsletter

Senders desiring to have their newsletter removed from the archive can request a removal by sending an email to remove@newsletterarchive.org.


Newsletters, content, brands, images are copyright of their respective owners.